Freedom Hill Farms

Paddocks and Pastures

Automatic watering system in pastures and most paddocks.  All weather run-in sheds for mares and turnouts.Loose housing in yearling barns with pipe stocks to handle horses. A mares under lights shed is also available during the breeding season.

1/2 Mile Training Track and Pond
The track surrounds the pond for observing horses during sale prep and conditioning exercises.

Farm Facilities

77 Acre Farm

Located 90 miles south of Chicago, 15 miles west of the Indiana boarder in Central Illinois.

Training Barn and Odyssey Exerciser

6 Horse programmable Odyssey Exerciser is under a large roof.  The sand base and sprinkler system provides safe footing in all weather conditions throughout the year.  Large foaling stalls with 24/7 camera surveillance system keeps constant watch on pending foals.